Our Story


We have always had a love for travel. And after becoming parents, we were determined to continue that ... especially as regular trips to visit family and friends in the UK were a must.

However we were well aware that flying with young children was tough (no matter how short the flight). Like you no doubt, we had simply accepted that endless pacing of aisles or being pinned to our seats by restless toddlers, were just things travelling parents put up with.

Then Plane Pal came along...

Now your child can stretch out and fall asleep (hopefully) or simply relax without their legs dangling and you can enjoy having your lap and your arms to yourself. But remember Plane Pal isn't just for use on Planes. We've had lots of adventurers use them in cars and on trains and buses! Wherever your family is headed, we hope that Plane Pal will help you and your family enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

We would love to hear from you, please send us your feedback, suggestions, pictures and questions at hello@planepal.co.nz.